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“There and There and There and There”

Electric Literature Recommended Reading, May 22


"The Infinity Room"

          Changing Denver Podcast (Audio)



"The Lemon Tree" (co-authored with the artist Michael Tunk)

          7x7, March 16

"Craigslist Missed Connections: The Life You Save May Be Your Own"

          VOLT Anthology Cover Stories



"Worth Its Weight"

          F(r)iction, Issue 5

"Bullet O'clock"

          Sycamore Review, Volume 27, Issue 2



"Bird of Paradise"

          SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 48

“In the Age of Decay and Slim Jims”

          Bat City Review, Issue 11

“The Barnacle Skin Cowboy and Book of Good Cowboy Rules”         

          West Branch, Winter, Volume 77



“Excerpts from The Groom’s Survival Guide        

          TriQuarterly, Summer/Fall 2014, Issue 146

“What Are You Doing Now That You’re Alive?”

          Story Quarterly, Volume 46/47

“The Amazing Furniture Ascender”

          Tupelo Quarterly, Volume 4

“All the Things the Moon is Not”

          Clarkesworld: Year Six, Wyrm Publishing



“Power and Light”

          Gulf Coast, Volume 26, Issue 1

“Give Your Man His Due”

          Cincinnati Review, Volume 10, Number 1


          Bayou Magazine, Issue 60

“The Moonshiner”

          Surreal South ’13, Press 53

“The Wheel of Fortune”

          Daily Science Fiction, May 28

“Plagues I Would Not Wish Upon My Enemies”

           PANK, Volume 8, Issue 2

“Phys. Ed. 112 Syllabus: You and Your Apocalypse”

          Booth, Volume 4



“All the Things the Moon is Not”

          Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days, Upper Rubber Boot Books

“Eighty-Six Ways to Cross One Desert”

          Forty Stories, Harper Perennial

“Signs and Wonders”

          Blackbird, Volume 11, Issue 1

“Phys. Ed. 112 Syllabus: You and Your Apocalypse”

          Toasted Cake, Podcast

“All the Things the Moon is Not”

          Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 68

“Acknowledge the Corn”

           Necessary Fiction, January Issue

“Twitterfeed: TheSinner’sCorpse”

           Hobart (Online), January Issue



“The Unicorns”

          American Short Fiction, October Issue

“Before I Offer Myself to the Birdmen”

          Surreal South 2011, Press 53

“The American Indian is Dead”

          The Journal, Volume 35, Issue 1

“No Wants, No Returns”

          The Yalobusha Review, Volume 16


          The Normal School, Volume 4, Issue 2

 “The Dictionary of Your Fears”

          Necessary Fiction, September Issue

“The Crow That Is Still Eating Chicago”

          Prime Number, Issue 5.3


          Press 53 Open Awards Anthology, Press 53

“Theodore Roosevelt, Midewinini”

          The Book of Villains, Main Street Rag

“Dispatches from a Future Norwegian Futurist”

          After Ever After, July Issue

“The Doll Sleeper”

          Saxifrage Press, August Issue                                   



“Excavating the Blind”

          Story Quarterly, Issue 43

“Before I Offer Myself to the Birdmen”

          Cincinnati Review, Volume 7, Issue 2                      

“Tunnel Out of Georgia”

          Black Warrior Review, Volume 36, Number 2


          Greensboro Review, Number 86

“How Tall Love Is”

          Rosebud, Issue 47                      

“Cormac McCarthy, Walmart Greeter”

          Gargoyle, Issue 56


          Southern Indiana Review, Volume 17, Number 1

“H.P. Lovecraft’s Stellar Seafood Chowder”

          Brain Harvest, July Issue


          Three Times Daily Anthology, Original Writing Ltd., Ireland

“The Human Moments”

          Realms 2: The Second Year of Clarkesworld, Wyrm Publishing                       



“Elephants Are Why He Made the Oceans”

          Surreal South 2009, Press 53


          Press 53 Open Awards Anthology, Press 53

“My Father Vs. The Soap Lady”

          The Versus Anthology, Press 53



“The Human Moments”

          Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 17





"In The City of Broken Umbrellas"

          Abyss & Apex, Issue 54

"Little Lights"

          Cosmonaut's Avenue, Volume 1, Issue 2


          Cosmonaut's Avenue, Volume 1, Issue 2

"Reflections in Belfast"

          Cosmonaut's Avenue, Volume 1, Issue 2



"What We Don't Know About Natalie Portman Can Still Hurt Us"

          burntdistrict, Volume 2, Issue 2



"The Home of Wonder Bread"

          Crab Orchard Review, Volume 18, Number 2



"Looking Over His Shoulder, Eadward Muybridge Addresses the Mirror"

          Sycamore Review, Volume 23, Issue 1

"Endangered Species"

          South Carolina Review, Volume 43, Number 2

"For the Restless Flycatcher"

          Southern Humanities Review, Volume 45, Number 1

"On the Eve of My Father's Second Book"

          Southern Humanities Review, Volume 45, Number 1

"With Teeth"

          Strange Horizons, March Issue

"The North Pacific Land-Bridge That Reappears Every Seventeen Years"

          Collecting Life: Poets on Objects Known and Imagined, 3: A Taos Press

"At the Range"

          Say It Loud!: James Brown Anthology, Whirlwind Press



"The Difference Between You and Me is Millions of Years"

          The Collagist, Issue 14



"My Father at Twenty-Three"

          Redheaded Stepchild, Spring Issue

"Display Case in the Museum of Latvian Occupation"

          Poet Lore, Volume 104, Number 3/4

"The Scale of 1 to 10"

          Off Channel Poetry Anthology, Midwest Writing Center

"Before and After the Recovery of Uncle Ari's Body"

          Off Channel Poetry Anthology, Midwest Writing Center

"The New Wash"

          Off Channel Poetry Anthology, Midwest Writing Center





"This Feels Like Never-Ending"

          The Paris Review, May 9

"Letter to My Arctic Vardøger"

          Off Assignment, May 17



"EpiPen Nation: What it means to live with a fatal food allergy"

          The Walrus, Oct 12

"Review of Brian Evenson's A Collapse of Horses"

          The Collagist, October Issue

"This is a Love Story: The Novels of Dana Spiotta and Jess Walter"

          The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog, October 13

"Time-Travelers, All of Us: Ben Lerner's 10:04 and the Suffering of the Tangible"

          Fiction Unbound, July 15

"Always Afraid, Always Alone: On Writing and the Zombie Inside Us"

          Electric Literature, April 5

"Things American: At the Mountains of Loneliness"

          American Short Fiction (Online), February 17

"The Wise Words of Edward P. Jones"

          The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog, January 6

"Interview with Alexander Lumans"

          New Delta Review (forthcoming)


“The Material”

          Covered with Fur, December 19

“The Comic Drama of the Tragicomic: Reading Alison Bechdel”

          The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog, October 12


“Here Be Monsters: Review of Two Novellas by Peter Grandbois”

          The Los Angeles Review of Books, October 31

"Is Hollywood Ready for an African American Superhero?"

          Colorado Public Radio, February 7

"Centaurs Eat at Cracker Barrel"

           Guernica, March 17, Special American South Issue

"Things American: Control Magic"                                           

          American Short Fiction (Online), April 25

“Something from Nothing: Alexander Lumans”

, January 28



“Review of The Pet Thief by Kassten Alonso”

          The Collagist, Issue 50

“Review of Tell Everyone I Said Hi by Chad Simpson”

          The Collagist, Issue 45

"The New Weird: Four Questions with Instructor Alexander Lumans"

          The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog, November 13



“Interview with Pinckney Benedict”

          Glimmertrain, Winter, Issue 85

“Review of Trophy by Michael Griffith”

          The Collagist, Issue 31



“Parochial Plaids, Self-Cogitation, the Water Moccasin Myth [. . .]”

          Necessary Fiction, September Issue



“Working with Editors: Christopher Hellwig at Black Warrior Review

          Emerging Writers Network, May Issue



“Review of Refresh, Refresh by Benjamin Percy”

          Crab Orchard Review, Volume 13, Number 2

“Review of The Bear Bryant Funeral Train by Brad Vice”

          Crab Orchard Review, Volume 13, Number 1